Beard Hall


Beard Hall is an intellectually vibrant and diverse residential community that expands the educational experience beyond the classroom.

The May Fellows residential program serves as a living-learning option for intellectually curious and academically engaged students who are already May Fellows and are interested in further integrating their social and intellectual lives through a residential component. This integrated living-learning program strives to enhance the residential experience by providing dynamic opportunities for faculty, students, staff, and community members to interact through informal events. Residents of the hall are expected to design and participate in hall activities. Through these activities, residents find ways to enrich the Beard Hall experience for themselves and others.

Beard Hall is part of the BGEEKS quad with Gebbie, Everett, Everett Heights, Keefe, Stanton.

Beard Hall was constructed in 2002 and was named for former college trustee Anson McCook Beard Jr.

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