Meadows North


Located near Peacock Pond, Meadows North is one of three residence halls that make up the Meadows Complex. It is connected to the other halls by Meadows Center, adjacent to Chase Dining Hall. With single and double rooms, each wing has four floors and the entire complex holds approximately 300 students. Students live there from all class years in double and single rooms.

There are two specific floor communities that are housed in Meadows North. The Brave, Bold & First living learning community is an intentional floor for first generation students, those who are first in their family or within their community to attend college. This floor provides leadership development and peer mentoring opportunities for Wheaton students designed to accelerate their personal and academic success. Students who identify on the female to nonbinary spectrum may elect to live on Meadows North 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floors with other self-identified individuals on the same spectrum. All gender identities are still allowed to visit the spaces and use facilities, but cannot live on the floors for a long-term basis.

There are four student lounges in the complex, each with a television and study space. The laundry facility is located in Meadows Center with eight washer/dryer sets. Rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, dresser, and storage space for each student. They have tile floors and vertical blinds on the windows.

The Meadows residence halls were built in 1964 and named for alumna Sylvia Meadows, Class of 1918.

Building Departments